Friday, September 19, 2008

The Sponsors for Art at Filmport Studios

Off Camera would like to extend special thanks to our sponsors.
Their assistance has helped us to make this exhibit an event that
we can all be proud of.

IATSE local 873:  
The International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees. 

DGC Ontario:        
The Directors Guild of Canada-Ontario.  

Ontario Paint and Wallpaper: 
299 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario.  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Off Camera Art Exhibit

Calling all art buffs, art critics, art buyers, film buffs, artists, 
family, friends, socialites, and the Toronto community 
who may be curious about our newest Studio Complex.
This Off Camera Group art exhibit is not to be missed.
It hosts the work of more than fifty artists who work 
in the Toronto Film Industry. 
Come and see Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Screen Printing, 
Collage, Film Making, Drawing, Textiles, Music, 
Multi Media Assemblage and more.
The event will feature a silent auction, musical performances 
and a film screening.

The Off Camera Group is organized by volunteers from the 
film workers community represented by IATSE local 873 and 
The DGC Ontario.

For a preview of what you can expect to see, please click
on each artists image to view their portfolios in Flikr.
If you are looking for a specific artist, the portfolios are
arranged in reverse alphabetical order .
If you like an artists work, let them know by leaving a 
comment with the piece you admire, or the set in general.
Enjoy and we all hope to see you there.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Invitation to send along

If you wish to help start a chain reaction that would fill Stage # 7,   
you could send this e-vite to everyone you can think of. 

You could also copy and paste a link to this site in your email.

Map Link

For anyone who is not familiar with Commissioners St.,